See the Good! basic training for Azerbaijan teachers

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Learning Subjects:

  1. Finnish education methods.
  2. Positive pedagogy methods.
  3. Basic in character strengths.
  4. Basic in 21st-century skills, socio-emotional skills.
  5. See the Good! -Digi app.
  6. Children's sustainable - development.
  7. Teachers’ individual strengths and mindsets.
  8. Guidance to enhance using strength portfolio in daily.
  9. Guidance to enhance the well-being of children.


  1. Understand the basic concept of Character strengths and Positive pedagogy's concept.
  2. Basic Know-how plan and teach 21st-century skills, socio-emotional skills to students.
  3. Understanding how-know use and teach with See the Good! -Digi app.
  4. Basic know-how to discover children’s strengths and teach strengths.
  5. Basic know-how to evaluate children’s development.